Who We Are

Help you promote your product through email marketing

Buzz Creator's parent company, Webstars Ltd, has been working in web design and development since 2002. In that time they have become field-leaders in e-commerce and have gained vast experience and knowledge of email marketing. Buzz Creator is the result of harnessing all that insight to produce the ultimate email marketing package for our customers.

E-commerce has become a vital part of nearly all retail and service-based business in recent years. It has surpassed traditional sales methods because of its convenience and ease. Shopping online is convenient for the consumer - and for the trader. Buzz creator aims to make it simpler still for both parties.

At Buzz Creator we develop software for email marketing. Through our years of helping our clients around the world to market their products and services, we've developed a solution that is easy to use, and amazingly effective. We have listened to our clients' suggestions, learnt on the job, and modified the software accordingly.

We are still constantly researching the current most innovative and profitable methods of conducting e-commerce, and updating our systems in line with our findings. Software should be the least intimidating thing about having an online business, and we aim to offer software that is as reliable as it is user-friendly.

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