What We Do

Help you promote your product through email marketing

Buzz Creator doesn't just provide an email newsletter solution; we support you in your pursuit of business success. As experts in online marketing, with many years' experience, we can guarantee to boost your traffic.

Our software was developed and designed to be some of the most user-friendly email marketing software on the market. You can modify your campaigns and newsletters from any web browser without having to download software. Whether for your own business or your clients' businesses, you'll find our product remarkably effective as well as easy to use.

Our email marketing software allows you to generate groups to which specific emails are sent, notifying them of promotions or products. You can base these groups on the criteria you specify using the online forms we provide for your customers to fill in. We help you create tests to see which email marketing campaigns have the highest success rate.

Moreover, you can efficiently filter incoming spam, and can choose to automatically exclude customers who opt out of emails. You can personalise the appearance of each email to each customer, if you so desire, using criteria such as type of business, age range, geographical location, etc. With almost 40 email templates to choose from (grouped by industry) you get ultimate control of marketing your business.

Buzz Creator has a Customer Service department dedicated to answering any questions and guiding you through any difficulties you have. Check out our Contact page on how/when to call us, or how to email us anytime, day or night, with any questions you have.

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