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Help you promote your product through email marketing

Buzz Creator is a niche email marketing company, and part of the Webstars Ltd brand. It streamlines the process of marketing your business, using specialist software to develop professional, stylish email campaigns.

Unlike most of the competition, we offer a managed service of technically well-designed, well-constructed systems that allow you to target your client base with effective direct marketing.

Develop Campaigns:

We can design your newsletter, or build the html from your design. If you are in a hurry you can also choose one of templates geared towards your specific industry, then simply enter your company's information. The system walks you through every step, swiftly and simply.

Add Your Existing Contacts:

Though a point-and-click interface you can add client names and details from any existing database.

Unlimited Auto-responders:

An auto-responder is an email programme that can be used to automatically schedule, or send an email to any number of email addresses. You can decide which customers should receive an email at any future time and date, and set it up accordingly.

Set Triggers:

A little like auto-responders, triggers automatically send emails to customers based on certain specific details. For example, in time for their birthday, or giving notice of special promotions that might be of interested.

Track Click-Throughs:

This feature helps you figure out which keywords worked in your email campaigns, and which of your clients clicked through to your site at a certain time, or prompted by a certain offer/phrase. This helps you determine the most effective language to use in future campaigns, as well as the optimum time to strike.

Test Campaigns:

These allow you to perform split tests, whereby different versions of your email are sent to a small portion of your customers. The email with the most click-throughs is automatically sent to the rest of them as it has the best-proven success rate.

Personalise Emails:

Make customers stand up and take notice by referencing their age, name, company, specific requirements, or any other personalised information, in the promotional emails.

Filter Contacts:

Decide which customer receives what kind of promotion via email based on their shopping history, age, or whichever other factor you determine is important.

Custom Sign-up Forms:

Create forms for customers to fill out based on what you want to know. This information can then be integrated into their contact information to better filter which emails they receive.

Bounce Email Management:

Automatically unsubscribe customers who opt out of emails, and automatically delete spam email. This makes your inbox cleaner and the running your business much more efficient. It also eliminates duplicate emails, which will please your customers.

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